Regional Employment Centers Taylor County, Florida (FL) – North Florida's Rising Star


Regional Employment Centers, created for the purpose of providing a stellar location for attracting new, expanding job-creating businesses to Taylor County, enable companies to expedite development in order to commence business operations as soon as possible. “Regional Employment Center” is a state and county approved land use classification and allows for uses similar to and including Industrial land use. As approved in Taylor County’s Comprehensive Plan, Regional Employment Center areas 11, 12, and 18 contain more than 14,500 acres (#11, “Mega Site East” is over 2,900 acres; #12 “Mega Site North” is over 3,500 acres; and, #18 “Mega Site West” is over 8,000 acres).

These centers have no residential units allocated to them and deliver ample acreage for businesses requiring large or smaller scale sites. By choosing to locate or expand in Taylor County, our team will help facilitate the processing of local and/or state and federal permits that may be applicable to a company’s specific project, as well as assist the company to meet other development needs they may have.

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