Business Opportunities in Taylor County, Florida (FL) – North Florida's Rising Star

Nestled among the pristine sea grass beds of the Gulf of Mexico, the abundant timberlands of Florida’s nature coast, and the thriving urban centers that are home to three major universities (University of Florida, Florida State University, and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University), Taylor County is situated in the heart of all that is good about rural Florida. In 2007, this special, rural community took a long-term view of its future and pre-planned for how to “protect, sustain, and enhance” its quality of life . . . A major part of that plan included large-scale space for business development.

Master Development Plan

Taylor County is home to Foley Timber and Land Company (Foley), owner of the largest, contiguous private property in Florida. Of Foley’s more than 560,000 acres, more than 380,000 are located in Taylor County. Working in partnership with the Taylor County community and based on the community’s Vision 2060 Plan, Foley established one of the largest master land use plans in Florida. The master plan encompasses more than 128,000 acres in Taylor County and consists of over 45,000 mixed-use development acres and more than 82,000 acres of agricultural preservation lands. With over 25,600 residential units and more than 10 million square feet of industrial and non-residential land use – the entire plan is designed to support the policies and patterns of growth outlined in the community’s long-term vision.

Land use categories to support the master plan have been approved by the County and State and are in place. While Foley is not a development company, to help expedite and further assist in the implementation of the plan, the company secured a Master Development of Regional Impact Development Order covering each of its residential/mixed use planning areas. The Master DRI Development Order positions the property to respond more quickly to market demand by setting forth agreed to development policies and procedures, thus providing the regulatory framework and predictability desired by future developers.

Separate from the Master DRI Development Order, three Regional Employment Center land use areas within the Foley plan are ready for immediate business location—subject to project specific needs. And, the Taylor County Development Authority team is ready to work with businesses to ensure project needs, including required permitting, is handled quickly and effectively.

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Open For Business

Taylor County offers an array of locations for companies to locate or expand. From the business district in and around Perry (County seat), to coastal locations along the Steinhatchee River, to any one of the Regional Employment Centers or other urban or rural communities within Foley’s master plan, the TCDA is available to make doing business in Taylor County seamless and productive.

Taylor County Targeted Industries

  • Aviation, including aircraft and aircraft parts
  • Defense/Homeland Security
  • Clean Energy & Emerging Technologies
  • Manufacturing, including food & beverage; automotive & marine; plastics & rubber; machine tooling

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