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Taylor County Development Authority



About TCDA


Created in 1959 by the Florida Legislature, the Taylor County Development Authority is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting and increasing quality economic development within the community, while preserving the values of the community. The TCDA is led by a director and an active Board of Directors who partner with the Taylor County Board of County Commissioners, the Perry City Council, and the local business community to ensure that all economic development opportunities are explored and pursued as appropriate. Taylor County is a thriving and forward thinking rural community that prides itself on economic self-sufficiency through creativity, diversity and collaboration of its citizens and businesses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Taylor County Development Authority is to advance economic development in Taylor County to sustain and enhance the quality of life in Taylor County through the creation of job; new business attraction and provide an environment for new and existing business to grow and succeed so that the community thrives.

Vision Statement

We envision Taylor County as a premier global location for business growth and a leader in Florida's economic development.

Board of Directors:

  • Randy Newman, Chairman
  • Don Everett Jr.
  • Brandon Fletcher
  • Alan Dodimead, Treasurer
  • Mayor David Sullivan, Perry City Council
  • Commissioner Pam Feagle, Taylor County Board of County Commissioners
  • Auley Rowell
  • Marvin Brooks
  • Matt Eckel

TCDA Board meetings are held at the TCDA office every third Thursday of the month at noon.